Ready to take your sawmill adventure on the road? The Timbery M285 portable sawmill is equipped with everything that makes the M280 such a great buy, but with the added flexibility

of milling where ever your logs are.







The M285 is a great choice for sawyers who want to be portable.


Log Capacity

711mm diameter by 5.2m long



20 HP Petrol engine (standard)

Easy to activate lever that controls the clutch, throttle, and water lube

48cm Bandwheels

Roller cam blade tensioner

Adjustable blade guide arm with ceramic guides


Bed Construction

Bed includes torsion axle trailer package and 6 jacks

Quick-set log rest posts & log clamp

Innovative construction allows for inexpensive accessories to be installed


Shipping and Assembly

Optional 3 bed section configuration for easy shipping



Trailer Package

Take the M285 right to the logs with the road ready trailer package.

Welded Sawhead Construction

The solid sawhead construction can handle the toughest sawing conditions

Easy to Use

The clutch, throttle, water lube, height and blade guide adjustments are just an arms reach away.

Adjustable Blade Guide Arm

The blade guide arm adjusts in or out, allowing you to open it up all the way for big logs, or bring the guide closer to the cut and provide more support for cutting smaller logs.

Blade Tensioner

The roller cam blade tensioner allows for easy tensioning and blade removal

Quick-Set Log Rest Posts

The easy to use log rest posts can be adjusted in just seconds, getting you back to sawing.

Quick Set Log Clamp

Secure logs and cants easly.


Log Capacity (without extension)

Opt. Bed Extensions

Bed Type

Standard Engine

Electric Start

Counter Balanced Head Lift

Adj. Blade Guide Arm Width Ceramics

Auto Lube Water Control

Sure Grip Mechanical Clutch

Roller Cam Blade Tensioner

Blade Size

Quick-Set Log Rest Post

Quick-Set Log Clamp

711mm X 5.2m (Can be extended up to 7.3m)



20 HP Petrol







3.65m long x 32mm wide



Expand your productivity!

Timbery’s selection of accessories are designed with your budget in mind.

285 Sawmill Accessories

M285 Bed Extensions

Extend your cutting length. The M285 Bed Extension comes in 1.5m sections. Adding one 1.5m extension will allow for a 6m long log capacity. Only one extension can be added to to stay portable. (2 support jacks included)


1.5m Bed Extension - Part Number: M285-EXT5

M285 Log Loader Package

Load logs with ease. If you do not have access to a lift or a tractor don't worry, with the M285 Log Loader Package you can load logs anywhere. The log loader package comes with a set of ramps and a winch that can lift up to 1500lbs.


Part Number: M285-LLP


Toe Board Package

The Toe Board Package comes with two toe boards that are pinned into the bunk system at each end of the mill, to compensate for tapered logs.


Part Number: M200-TB


Log Rest Receiver Bracket

If you're going to be cutting different lengths of logs, add a Log Rest Receiver Bracket to each bunk for quick adjustments.


Part Number: M200-LRB2


Quick-Set Log Rest Post*

When sawing long logs, an extra Log Rest Post maybe required to keep the log secure during the cut.


Part Number: X200-1026

*Receiver bracket not included

Log Clamp

When sawing long logs, an extra log clamp maybe required to keep the log secure during the cut.


Part Number: M200-LD


Cant Hooks

If handling logs logs manually your're going to need a cant hook. Our steel handle cant hooks bite into logs with ease and come with a rubber grip.


2 sizes available

28" Cant Hook - Part Number: CH28N

48" Cant Hook - Part Number: CH48N

Spare Parts Kit

Be prepared with a Spare Parts Kit! Our spare parts kit comes with: 1 idle belt, 1 drive belt, 2 cylindrical ceramics and 2 rectangular ceramics.


14HP Gas engine - Part Number: M200-PK

20HP/25HP Gas engine - Part Number: M200-PK2

Sawmill Cover

Protect your sawmill from the elements. Our thick vinyl cover fits over the sawhead/carriage and will protect the sawhead from rust and fading from harmful UV rays.


Part Number: M200-Cover


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