The R100 Resaw is an entry-level affordable solution for sawmillers to break down boards, cants and reclaiming slabs.




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Affordable Entry-Level Resaw!


The R100 Resaw is designed to be an entry-level affordable solution for sawmillers to boost their productivity and. The R100 is a manually feed resaw that has a heavy-duty roller table that can handle cants that are 30.48cm wide by 22.86cm  tall. This is a great unit for breaking down boards, cants and reclaiming slabs.



Easy to Use

One lever to throttle the engine and start the blade.

Adjustable Blade Guide Arm

Adjustable blade guide arm with ceramic guides. Adjust the blade guide closer to the cut to provide more support when cutting smaller material.

Water Lube

Gravity feed water lube system.

Return System

Built-in manual return system

Heavy Duty Rollers

63.5mm heavy duty rollers


Standard Engine

Optional Engine


Band Wheels

Water Lube System

Feed System

Heavy Duty Roller

Table Extensions


Cutting Capacities

Min. Length

Max. Length

Min. Width

Max. Width

Min. Height

Max. Height

14 HP Gas Subaru

5 HP 3ph Electric

1.07mm x 32mm x 3.35m

40.6 cm


Manual Push

7 Rollers 63.5mm Diameter

1.4m sections









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